Mental Health Disorders

PTSD is a mental disorder that can develop after a person is exposed to any form of trauma such as sexual assault, warfare, car accidents, emotional abuse, physical abuse or even witnessing others trauma.

General emotional and physical state of fearfulness which can result in racing thoughts, general body tension and feelings of insecurity.

A physical and emotional state of low energy, lack of motivation and a general sense of worthlessness.

A generic term for a range of dysfunctional perceptions of a person’s sense of self identity and their place in the world.

Coping / Relaxation

Things you do to deal with stressful situations more easily and manage emotions better, such as listening to music, using positive self-talk, deep breathing, going for a walk, reading, talking with friends, writing, creating artwork, watching tv, etc.

Relaxation techniques help your body to physically relax, which in turn helps your brain and symptoms relax.